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International Women's Day Poem

International Women's Day Poem

Hello, sexist men!
Today is your day!
Oh wait, it’s not.
Funny enough, you seem to
Have forgot
That more for she, does not mean
Less for he,
Hence the word: EQUALITY.

There is no reason, that in this day and age
An empowered female should fill you with rage.
But it does, it must be your insecurity shining through.
Remember more for me, does not mean less for you.

To the women who this day is for-
We stand together and so I implore
YOU to celebrate this day how you’d like
Whether it’s going to work, wearing red, or on strike.
We already know that one size does not fit all-
United we stand, but divided we fall.

This fight isn’t about how to spend this day.
It’s about safe work spaces and equal pay.
It’s about women’s healthcare, our bodies, our choice.
How dare they try to stifle our voice!

And although they may continue, in pure desperation
To question our logic or publically shame us,
we will continue to fight until it is safe,
for women to walk home alone, without fear of rape.

We will fight until there is no longer intimidation
and retaliation
Used to keep women around the world
from receiving quality education.

We will continue to scream so the youth has a choice
They should never know what it’s like to not have a voice
They should never be questioned for having an opinion
Or made to feel inferior because of their gender.

In the future, women speaking their mind will not be considered a nuisance,
But there will always be men that will come up with excuses
Of why they are more capable of making decisions for you,
You see, lesser men, will try to squash the confidence you exude

When that day comes and you feel you might fall,
Look to past generations of women who stood tall,
They broke down boundaries, despite what they saw
Despite what they were so maliciously called.

Stand up, take a breath,
You are smart, you’re not weak
Not one can stop you from speaking your piece.

And so sexist men, here we are again,
You can continue to write this day off as a complete waste of time,
But I know you read this poem.
Every word. Every line.
When a small thread of doubt starts to creep into your soul
That’s when the actual FACTS start to take hold,
“Without a woman, I wouldn’t be here.”
Dig deep into your heart, and let love win.
Say, “More for she, does not mean less for him.”

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