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Navigating Singapore

Navigating Singapore

Waaahhh, today's my last day in Singapore! This wonderful country has exceeded my expectations by 160%, yup you calculated that correctly. #mathgoals I absolutely loved Singapore and here's why:

1. Navigation

Singapore is small and easy to navigate.  It's already broken up into different neighborhoods that each have their own unique vibe and awesome landmarks. It is so easy to get to those places by

A. Walking (Ugh, what?! Why?!) I swear I walked miles, but it was by choice and only because there was so much to see.  I love roaming down random streets and looking at where people live (Immaacreeeep!).  Also, I was eating an average of 10 meals per day, lay off me. 

B. Biking There are city bikes available and you can cycle and then ditch it at your destination (SEEYAAA) 

C. Uber or Grab, which is local version of Uber and you are able to pay cash. Ooohh, who will win? The plot thickens. - Whichever one you chose, they are readily available and easy to... grab (lol), just make sure you have a local SIM or your phone has international data.  Price wise, it's the same as any city in the US, with prices fluctuating at peak hours.  My trip from the airport to Chinatown was about 18 SPD. 

D. MRT Their metro is efficient, clean and affordable.  You can buy a 5 day unlimited tourist pass for $30.  They are really clear on how to use them.  Bring coins for short trips if you chose not to go with the 5 day pass. 

E-Taxis Yup, they're around. 

2. Wide Range of Accommodations 

Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is affordable!  I stayed in 3 different hotels, at 3 completely different price points, ranging from hostel to luxury (it was a #treatyoself splurge after living in a hostel for 36 days. Also, help me, I'm poor.) There really are options for all budgets.  

A. Hostel

While there are many hostels in Singapore with great reviews, I'm just going to tall about the one where I stayed.  The hostel I stayed in was basic and clean.  It did have a bit of a creepy stuffed bear vibe going on, but some people might find that "quaint".   The rooms had A.C. and locker available. BYOLOBOT (Bring your own lock or buy one there- just a common acronym we hostel users say on the reg (Weirdly it hasn't caught on, but I won't stop trying to make #BYOLOBOT happen, pass it on)). The Wi-Fi here actually worked better than in the luxury hotel. The location was awesome, a quick 3 minute walk to hawker stalls and downtown Chinatown.  Overall, 28-40 bucks SPD, depending on your room type.  The price includes breakfast, basic toast, coffee, tea. They offer luggage storage, so you don't have to lug your huge ass backpack around all day long, until check in or check out.

B. Hotel G- Mid Range Hotel

Hotel G, was absolutely awesome.  It is funky, well decorated, with a nice wine bar in the lobby.  The staff is so friendly and accommodating.  Location wise, it can't be beat.  It is on the other side of the city by the local art shops, Bugi Street, Arab street, Little Italy, walkable to the waterfront and the Art Science Museum area. There are so many restaurants close by, as well as easy MRT locations. You can chose to have breakfast included if you'd like. The hotel also has a gym AND they give you a phone with data and internet access, so you can use google maps and explore local hot spots, make local and international phone calls...for free.

C. Park Royal on Pickering

For being a chain hotel, they have awesome local vibes.  The location is absolutely incredible.  It is within walking distance to Chinatown, Downtown, Marina Bay Sands area, delicious restaurants and much more.  Since this hotel was way too expensive, I tried to live my best life and take full advantage of the amenities- infinity pool with skyline views, rooftop, air conditioned gym, sauna, epic breakfast, the most comfortable heavenly beds, day shades and night shades, and their own water filtration system.  Their main goal is to be environmentally friendly, so that's how I made myself feel slightly better for spending so much money.  If you're going to #treatyoself, this would be a prime place to do so.


Singapore has incredibly strict rules, that may be shocking to foreigners.  However, because of these rules, it is a really safe and clean city.  As a solo female traveler, I felt 100% okay walking alone through every neighborhood I ventured through, at all times of the day and night. It was a truly wonderful feeling.  No men catcalled me, I didn't feel people staring me down (except for when I was trying and failing at ordering food correctly at a Hawker Stall, but that was my own damn fault), my Uber drivers were friendly and helpful, the hotel and hostel staff went out of their way to ensure I had a good time. I felt that I could stop and talk to anyone and ask questions as needed. It was quite freeing to be able to walk around without being harassed, and really allowed to me enjoy the city instead of feeling on edge. 


 Singapore has such a unique history and blend of cultures, it can almost be overwhelming.  Then you remember, this is THE BEST possible problem to much food can you eat in one day?  Because of the vast amount of landmarks, adventures, and food, I wrote separate articles, that you can find below.  Aloha! 


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