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Best Beers tried in 2017

Best Beers tried in 2017

New Year, new you, girl! But honestly, more important than your self improvement, new brews!  Before diving into 2018, I only felt it was right to pay homage to the beers enjoyed for the first time in 2017.  I decided to shake things up and this list goes in no particular order, but some beers do have special awards. 


Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale            Elysian

First taste: Hoh Campground, Olympic National Park. Pairs well with Naan Campfire Pizza.                 *Favorite beer of 2017* 

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.05.27 PM.png

SeaQuench Ale               Dogfish Head 

The perfect combo of salty and sour.  Absolutely refreshing.

First Taste: Sisters Apt. Washington D.C.         

 *Best random fridge find of 2017* 

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.06.09 PM.png

White Thai                      Westbrook Brewing

First Taste: Charleston, SC- Found this in the fridge and fell in love. Thanks, Jare!     

*Favorite Charleston beer* 


Dr. Tooth & The Electric Mayhem                         Edmund's Oast

This beer wins weirdest beer with the coolest name award. I didn't think I would like this dill pickle beer, but it has become one of my absolute favorites.                                 

*Weirdest Delicious Beer* *Coolest Name* 


Grapefruit IPA            Ghost Fish Brewing

I'm sucker for fruity IPAs. This was my first beer back in civilization and was so welcome! Perfect for summer sipping. 

First Taste: Olympic Peninsula               

*Favorite Summer IPA* 


Dawn Patrol

Lost Rhino Brew

I had about 7 at my friend's wedding, so I am absolutely able to vouch for this one.   

       *Best Can Decor* 

20171214_165130 (1).jpg

Down-Da Road IPA        Turks Head Brewery      Easy to drink IPA                                          First Taste: Poolside Turks and Caicos                  *Mellowest IPA* 


Starr Hill Brewery

This was our last stop of the day during my friend's bach party! I don't remember any of the names, but it was an awesome place to hang out and the beers were delicious.   

 *Best Brewery to Hang Out and Binge Eat Mac n Cheese* 


Hogs Head Brew           Florida Beer Company

First Taste: Harry Potter World                              *Most Magical Beer*  


Birra Ravello with Limoncello               Birra Ravello                 

Light and refreshing on a scorching day.            *Best Brew with a View*


Hop Art IPA                     Coast Brewing Co.       The first beer I had after our move to Charleston. Solid IPA with funky art.

*Memory award* *2nd funkiest can decor* 


Money Pale Ale

This was the only craft beer I was able to find in Malaysia.  Pairs well with: too much pizza.       

  *Hardest Beer to Find* 


Flesh & Blood IPA          Dogfish Head               Another awesome beer from Dogfish that falls under my favorite fruity IPA category.                                                 

*Best IPA to drink if you don't have access to Deschute's Fresh Squeezed or Ballast Point Grapefruit* 


Village Bottle Shop and Tasting Room                   *Best Place to Purchase Beer in the World* 


Avatar Jasmine IPA                        Elysian           *IPA with the Most Floral Aftertaste* 



First Taste: Marsala, Italy

*I Don't Remember Drinking This, But I Love the Label and Probably Took a Picture Because I Loved it* 


Birra Moretti

I did not rank this beer highly, but this wins *most special place we drank a beer* because we were overlooking a valley in my great-grandparent's hometown of Alessandria Della Rocca, Sicily. 


Nile Extra                               Nile Breweries     

 *Drinking a Nile on the Nile River Award* 

What was your favorite beer tried in 2017? 

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