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Seek Do Love Podcast

Are you as eager as we were to hear more about Cece's travels? Listen to our first Seek Do Love podcast, which was recorded via google hangout.  Cece was located in Colorado for this recording and Megan was located on Oahu, so we apologize in advance for any sound delays. 

Do you want to listen, but are short on time? No worries! Below are topic times from the podcast so you can skip back and forth as needed. 

0:00-8:30- Misadventure Monday hiking a 14er in Colorado

8:30-14:20- Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua 

14:20- 20:50- Penguin Conservation in South Africa

20:50-24:22- Study Abroad in London

24:22-34:33- Travel chit chat and tips

34:33-END- Cece's next destination and her DREAM TRIP!



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