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Mama is a Road Warrior

Mama is a Road Warrior

I am a road trip extraordinaire, a road warrior, if you will. I’ll try to keep this straightforward and as short as possible because I have a lot of tips for the ultimate road trip experience!

Mandy’s Road Warrior Guide
Getting ready:


1. Vehicle

If you’re taking your vehicle get it serviced and make sure it is safe for the journey. Consider getting AAA or some other kind of roadside assistance in case of emergency. Buy or borrow some jumper cables (always comes in handy)



2. Comrades

If you decide to travel with others (traveling solo is amazing too!!) make sure you do the next steps together. Make sure this person(s) is someone whom you could share a small space with for an extended period of time. Also decide prior to the trip how you are going to split the costs (gas/hotels/snacks/etc). I prefer to keep a record of expenses along the way and sort it out after.



Plan out your trip from start to finish with all of the stops and stays along the way. I like to research hotels/campsites/hostels and even book some of them prior to my trip. Try to keep the driving distance between destinations less than 10 hours apart if possible. I use this website for my USA and Canada road trips and it has be super handy: I end up finding a lot of cool places to stop or stay along my route that I would have never found otherwise.

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4. Pack

Bring the essentials and if there’s room bring whatever else you think you’ll need. You have space but try to keep it simple and organized because stuff quickly gets thrown about. Aside from my day to day clothes and toiletries I always bring along my camping supplies, first aid kit, gallon jug of water (refill every chance you get).


5. Prepare

I always make sure I have plenty of music and playlists cued up and ready to go. I also stock up on podcasts and audiobooks. Also, if you have the capability, I highly recommend Sirius XM Radio, especially if you’re a sports fan or if you don’t have access large selection of music.

On the road tips:
-Drink water. Water is life.
-Have a contact back home that you update as you reach each destination. Let them know the duration of your stay. Mine is my mommy.
-Be open. Lot’s of things come up on the road that you weren’t expecting (some good and some not so good). You can alter your trip plans and everything will still be fine.
-Be smart. Play it safe, fill up your gas tank when it is at the halfway mark, stop and rest if you’re tired!! If you use GPS for directions take screenshots of the list of directions in case you lose service. Bring a phone charger, duh.

There ya have it. Thanks for reading and have fun out there on the road!

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