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New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans is my absolute favorite place to chow down on the entire Planet! I haven’t been everywhere on the Planet, I must admit, but I’d happily move there if it weren’t for the fact that I’d quickly gain 500 lbs.


There are some must do’s for food and drink when traveling to #NOLA for the first time. Start your day with beignets and a cafe ole at Cafe Du Monde which is a well known landmark serving the delectable french pastry since 1862. Expect a long line. The coffee shop is smack dab in the middle of the French Quarter which is perfect for sightseeing and shopping.



To avoid the line, I highly recommend a 24 hour little gem in the middle of gorgeous New Orleans City Park that has the delicious pastry as well as some traditional cajun cuisine such as gumbo and jambalaya. Do yourself a favor and take a walk in the park among the spanish moss and gardens afterward.


While in New Orleans, grab yourself a po’ boy sandwich! Being a traditional sandwich consisting of fried seafood or roast beef, I have gathered (after witnessing much debate among locals) the roast beef po’ boy is the way best way to assess an establishment due to the sauce or gravy used.


Another astonishing sandwich is the Muffuletta. This is another classic to the area, Italian instead of French, packed with lots of flavor and love. For the original, check out Central Grocery Co on Decatur Street (not far from Cafe Du Monde).


Ah yes, and for drink! You have to walk down Bourbon Street at least once with a “to go” beverage of your choice (drinking on the street is legal). The common touristy drinks such as the hurricane, hand grenade, and adult slurpees/daiquiris are sure to put you on the strug bus in the morning so consider trying an Abita, which is a local beer considered to be one of the oldest craft breweries in the US.

Stop by the Carousel Bar located inside Hotel Monteleone. I myself haven’t ordered a drink there ($$$) but it is definitely worth checking out since the bar itself is on an elaborately decorated carousel which rotates around the bartenders. Apparently the drink to order is the Vieux Carre’ but I also imagine you could order my all time favorite cocktail, which originates from New Orleans of course. The Gin Fizz. You won’t be sorry… though the bartender might, because it takes a lot of manpower to create the fizz.

New Orleans is packed full of history, culture, music, tradition, and as you can see tons of incredible food and drink! I’m already planning my next visit and you should too!

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